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Novices Help Flood Victims in Ibadan, Nigeria

eyeleye_dam_thumbThe wounds caused by the recent disastrous flood in Ibadan metropolis are still fresh and hurting, as it robbed so many of their beloved ones and properties, and many are homeless. Most people in Ibadan experienced a flood disaster which occurred on Friday 26th August 2011, between 1am to 2.30am.

After a torrential rainfall in the evening that lasted for about four hours, the ‘Eleyele dam’ broke and overflowed into the streets, claiming many lives and property worth millions of Naira. On this fateful night, most people were fast asleep in their homes only to wake up to see the flood water flowing into their homes through doors and windows. They stared at death in the face as they had no means of escape. However, they did the most natural thing - struggled for survival. Some were able to escape through the roof of their houses, while others climbed the tall iron rails of their water tanks. It was particularly difficult for those with children, for they had the double task of saving themselves as well as their children. It was a nightmare to see many children sitting on the roof of some buildings, as this was the only option to survive the flood water, in the middle of the night.

The Archbishop of Ibadan, Most Rev Dr. Felix Alaba Job, visited victims of the flood who were camped in Sacred Heart Public School, Oke-Ayo, Ibadan South West Local Government Area. He offered relief materials to the victims suggesting that assistance should be given according to the people who need it most. About 106 families are residing in the camp, while about four hundred and fifty two families are staying with friends and neighbours.
The Sisters of Charity novices are particularly interested in reaching out to the victims too. The novices visited the victims, who are still residing in their run-down homes trying to salvage some of their property. The novices met the victims washing and clearing out mud with shovels from the rooms. They told them how they narrowly escaped death. The novices spent some quality time with the victims, offering them some prayers and words of encouragement. The victims were very happy with the visit. Although they were full of thanks to God for being among the survivors, one could still notice the cry for help on their faces. The next plan of action for the novices is to make more visits with some relief materials - (clothes). Also, the Government, the church and other well-meaning Nigerians are responding to their plea, by offering them some of their basic needs.