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Golden Jubilee Celebration 2014

2014jubilee thumbIn 1964, the year 2014 was an eternity away, almost unimaginable!
Yet here I am in 2014 now a golden jubilarian shaped by fifty years of ups and downs but above all still in love with God and God’s people.  Jubilees are wonderful occasions.  They deserve to be celebrated not only for the celebrants but for everybody else as well.

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Urgent Action on Climate Change

avaaz-climate-change-2014The United Nations has called an urgent climate meeting in Paris on 23rd September with all major world leaders.  The leaders need our encouragement to forge an agreement with common sense steps to end dirty energy that will help the world to build a hopeful, clean and green future.

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Congregational Patronal Feast Day

OLSC lge-enews-thumbEach year our Congregation celebrates the Feast of the Assumption (15th August) as our Patronal Feast Day.  This year sisters gathered in their communities in different parts of the world to mark this special day in different ways.  In Dublin almost 100 sisters gathered in Sandymount, at the invitation of the General Leadership Team. 

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Compassionate Neighbours in Hackney

compassionate-neighbours-thumb1407The English/Scottish Province has been reflecting on how they can implement the Chapter document ‘Companions at a New Table’. In their discussions one concern that has emerged quite strongly is that of people who are isolated in our society. That is why it was particularly relevant for a group of sisters to attend the launch of a new initiative at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, entitled ‘Compassionate Neighbours’.  READ MORE...

The Gift In You - Is You

compassion centre giftisyou thumbIt has been observed that persons with disabilities are being discriminated against and denied their rights when it comes to issues of employment, election, marriage, empowerment etc., because society seems to look at physical appearance before considering self-worth and what the individual can offer.

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Nurturing the Union of Minds and Hearts

cell-phone-use1 copyAs we celebrate Mary Aikenhead with our Congregational Feasts these months, we remember how she treasured and encouraged us to value the union of minds and hearts.  We remember how many letters written in her own hand, even from her sick bed, which she sent to develop strong communication with her sisters.

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Human Trafficking - A Zambian Reality

human-trafficking-201407-thumbThe community in the Regional House had occasion to come face to face with a clear case of child-trafficking.  A young girl, aged about fourteen was brought to the house for safe accommodation.  Her name is not disclosed but we may call her Netty.  Her story begins in Kasama (Northern Province) where she was happily attending Grade Eight in a day school.  A friend of her mother came to their village and suggested that if she went to Lusaka with this friend she would do better. 

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