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Honoring Sr Carmel Somers RSC

CarmelS june2014 thumbThursday evening, April 10th, 2014 marked the Valley Family Center’s Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction. Their theme was, “Celebrating our past, embracing our present, anticipating our future.” The event was well attended and successful.  During the course of the evening, Sr. Carmel Somers, RSC was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Our Wonderful Sabbatical

australia agnesmary thumbSrs Mary McKeon and Agnes Morgan have been on sabbatical this past year and made two very special visits.  Here Sr Mary recounts her experiences: READ MORE...

And Sr Agnes tells us about her experiences HERE...

An online presence for the RSCs

kathleen gsr2014Sr Kathleen Bryant, from the Californian Region, was recently interviewed for ‘Global Sisters Report’, a project of The National Catholic Reporter.  In the interview Sr Kathleen spoke about her work to bring awareness to the realities of human trafficking.  Sr Kathleen was also recently featured in ‘A Nun's Life’ podcast where she spoke about vocation discernment.  The interview on the realities of human trafficking is available HERE and the podcast will be downloaded HERE soon.

Spiritual Directors Europe 2013

st paul-thumbSr Pauline Campbell recounts her experience of the 2013 meeting of Spiritual Directors from throughout Europe.

With three companions I attended the Annual Conference of Spiritual Directors Europe, which was held last year in Malta (17th - 22nd April 2013).

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The New Evangelisation Programme

newspringtime logoIn mid September 2013 1 was asked by a friend religious if I was interested in participating in a 26 week programme on The New Evangelisation.  I showed the programme to Sr. Christina Gorman.  She was most enthusiastic and so we both decided to 'launch into the deep'!  

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Our Trip To Nairobi

kenya june thumbVisiting another culture, another tradition is a good experience for both the visitor and the one visited.  That at least has been my experience and it was further highlighted for me recently. Sr. Margaret Mary Chileshe and I had the good fortune to visit our two students in Kenya (Sr. Helen Namutami and Sr. Nancy M’kandawire) for five days and these were days in which we were richly blessed by the people we encountered there. 

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Do Serenity Spirituality Sessions Make a Difference?

sonas june thumbI’m sure that a number of our readers will visit older people in nursing homes at some stage whether pastorally or socially. In many instances you will find your way to a Day Room where a number of the residents will be seated in a circle around the room, not speaking or being interacted with, either dozing or looking into space.

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Brisbane Sisters celebrate 175th Anniversary

brisbane thumbSaturday 31 May 2014 was truly a day of festival and joy for the Sisters of Charity of Australia writes Sr Jeannie Johnston.  The sisters gathered together with their families, friends, co-workers and supporters in St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane, to celebrate and to give thanks to God for 175 years serving in Australia, impelled by the love of Christ. Over 1300 people shared in the joy and thanksgiving.

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CORI: Religious Life Evolving-Faithful & Free

cori14 thumbThe Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) Spring Conference entitled ‘Religious Life Evolving - Faithful and Free’ was held on 25 April, 2014 in the Grand Hotel, Malahide, Co Dublin.  It was a vibrant, joyous encounter, marked by excellent input from the two speakers in the morning and a great dialogue with the participants in the afternoon. A summary of the event can be read by clicking HERE.

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