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Reaching out to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

kabwethumbCaritas Convent Secondary School is located in Kabwe's city centre. The school is run by the Religious Sisters of Charity. There are about 540 pupils in school, 35 teachers and 10 auxiliary staff who do specific duties in order to maintain the high standards of quality education.

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Mount Carmel 'K.I.' celebrates 200 years!

KIthumbEvery school year has its highs and lows with events that stand out from the day to day routine and rythmn of school life. For Mount Carmel secondary school in King’s Inns Street, fondly known by many as ‘K.I’., October 5th 2012 was one such occasion. Past and present management, staff, pupils and parents came together to celebrate the founding of the school in 1812.  What a wonderful day it was!

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Rejoicing at Final Vows in Zambia

yvonnethumbThe sun shone brightly as we gathered outside Roma Convent to escort Sr. Yvonne Tilimboyi to the chapel to pronounce her Final Vows.  Almost the entire region was present and we felt privileged to have Sr. Pereka with us representing our General Leadership Team.

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One Final Journey

venezuela thumbIn December, the Congregation withdrew from its mission in Venezuela after 32 years of working with and living amongst the people of Catia la Mar.  Here Sr Marsha Moon recounts her final visit...

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A Moment of Prayer

amomentofprayer thumbThe Religious Sisters of Charity International Anti-Human Trafficking group have prepared a 'Moment of Prayer' which reflects on and prays for all persons affected by human trafficking.  You are invited to download it HERE.