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We Remember...

We ask you to remember in your prayers our sisters who have died recently.

May they rest in peace.

Sister Eileen SheehySister Eileen Sheehy

1935 - 2011

Born: 16th November 1935

Entered Religious Life: 8th October 1956

Died: 29th October 2011



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Sister Teresa Gerard DonovanSister Teresa Gerard Donovan

1940 - 2011

Born: 1st July 1940

Entered Religious Life: 8th December 1956

Died: 30th October 2011



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Sister Mary Adelaide McAteerSister Mary Adelaide McAteer

1913 - 2011

Born: 24th February 1913

Entered Religious Life: 2nd October 1933

Died: 13th November 2011



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Sister Cyprian CotterSister Mary Cyprian Cotter

1918 - 2011

Born: 9th December 1918

Entered Religious Life: 4th February 1957

Died: 19th November 2011



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