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Anti-Human Trafficking in Nigeria

trafficking-okpara-thumbHuman Trafficking is a big issue, though more awareness is being raised, there is still a lot to be done especially in the rural areas where the traffickers take advantage of the poverty of the people. Some of the young people have heard about human trafficking but had no idea how the traffickers operate.

Our strategy here is more of awareness raising in the secondary schools, parishes and villages.  I met with the Council of Elders in Okpara community and informed them about human trafficking and how the traffickers operate. The purpose was to enable them inform their subjects.  I also met with the women in Okpara Inland community on the 30th November. About a hundred women were in attendance. They were angry and want a day to be organised for their youths. The awareness campaign is ongoing and our plan is to reach out to all the villages and Churches no matter the denomination. I make use of any opportunity that comes to raise the awareness.
Sr. Justina Nelson RSC

Below - a cross section of Okpara women during the awareness raising of human trafficking