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Acting on our Congregational Strategic Plan

You-Can-Stop-Human-Trafficking-250wOne of our Congregational objectives in our strategic  plan is:  In order to respond to the ever-increasing scope and diversity of human trafficking we will create opportunities in our areas to further educate ourselves and our sisters over the next two years on internal trafficking within their various countries, particularly the trafficking of children. 

In the California Region we were able to educate ourselves through a few recent events.  Several of us attended an entire day on Human Trafficking in Long Beach focused on the Exploitation of Youth in our area and how to create safety for them.

Price Tags = Red Flags
Many sisters and RSC Associates/Volunteer from our Region attended the Symposium last month which was focused on the Demand Side of Human Trafficking. Sr. Veronica Brand RSHM was the keynote speaker and delivered a brilliant global analysis of the demand side and how we all contribute to this through our consumer choices.  We had to choose among several break out topics for a workshop.  One workshop was only for Men and Boys and they looked at the demand side from their reality.  Others were called “Shop Until You Drop”, Modern Day Slavery in the Field, Factory and Home with a labor survivor and information regarding our Consumer Choices; Students Speak Out! led by Students about their participation and how their Catholic School educated them at age 12 regarding human trafficking.  This was put on by Southern California Partners for Global Justice of which the RSC’s are active members and part of the planning.