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TRAC and Ten:Ten

1707 tracIn the English/Scottish Province we are part of TRAC (Trafficking Raising Awareness and Campaigning) an independent inter-congregational group of Religious and their co-workers working, as their title reads, to raise awareness of human trafficking and to help bring about change in legislation to decriminalise those trafficked while criminalising the perpetrators.

This year we are working in collaboration with Ten:Ten Theatre an award winning theatre company working in primary and secondary schools, young offender institutions, parishes, community venues and theatres throughout the UK.  Their title is taken 1707 ten tenfrom John 10:10  "I have come that you may have life, life to the full" and through their work Ten:Ten aims to enable participants to "live life to the full."  They use drama, storytelling, film and the performing arts to advance social, moral, spiritual and cultural education to the general public and especially to the young, teachers and parents.

TRAC approached Ten:Ten to help us in our work of raising awareness of the fight against modern slavery.  This has resulted in the proposed production of a play for schools titled "Grace" which will help young people to explore the issue of modern slavery; the problem of pornography and the dignity of the human person.  This follows the huge success of their production of "This is My Body" but will differ from it by not focusing on the victim but on the fight against slavery, making it more empowering for the audience.

TRAC members are contacting all Catholic secondary schools in England and Wales to promote the Ten:Ten website and in particular the play and to offer any necessary explanation/information.  It is also envisaged that TRAC members will attend performances of the play and take part in the Question and Answer session that follows the performances.  We are hoping this is the first of many opportunities to collaborate with such groups.

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