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Anti Human Trafficking

Challenges to fighting Internal Trafficking in Zambia

Discussions on human trafficking, which can be described as trade in human beings, make a distinction between cross-border and internal trafficking. As the name suggests, cross-border trafficking happens when a victim is transported to another country and exploited there while internal trafficking occurs within that country’s borders. In some countries, cross-border trafficking is more widespread while in others, internal trafficking is.

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RSCs in Los Angeles protest to raise awareness of human trafficking

Recently Sisters of Charity joined families, high school students and human trafficking survivors as they marched in protest of labor and sex trafficking. About 500 activists held signs and chanted as they walked through Koreatown, a Los Angeles neighborhood known for cases of human trafficking. See the Press Report HERE.

Lent 2016 Weekly Reflections

During Lent this year we are invited to pray each week for the Trafficked Persons, survivors of Human Trafficking and for the conversion of the perpetrators of this crime.   Each week we offer a brief reflection, based on the Sunday Readings. 

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Anti-Human Trafficking in Nigeria

trafficking-okpara-thumbHuman Trafficking is a big issue, though more awareness is being raised, there is still a lot to be done especially in the rural areas where the traffickers take advantage of the poverty of the people. Some of the young people have heard about human trafficking but had no idea how the traffickers operate.

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Anti- Human Trafficking in the Irish Province

Early this year, on 6th March, the Sisters in the Irish Province were invited to attend a morning of reflection on the theme of combating human trafficking as a Gospel imperative. Dr Suzanne Mulligan of the Pontifical University, Maynooth gave two talks and Sr Una O’Neill RSC responded to the talks.

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Forced Labour Trafficking

ireland trafficking april14 thumbTrafficking for forced labour in the form of coercive and deceptive recruitment is a serious problem throughout the world:

Forced Labour and trafficking in persons  involves movement of persons for the purpose of performing labour, most probably to engage in illicit activities or employment to be carried out under working conditions that are below the statutory standards.

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Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking

us-sisters-against-HTU.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking is a collaborative, faith-based national network that offers education, supports access to survivor services, and engages in advocacy in an effort to eradicate modern-day slavery.  Check out their website HERE.

Trafficking News from the English/Scottish Province

New Legislation in Scotland:  The Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill (Scotland)
The Scottish Government introduced this Bill in December 2014.  it is now in its final stage on its journey through the Scottish parliament.  It will introduce a specific law to combat human trafficking and exploitation for the very first time in Scotland.

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RSC Corporate Stance on the Trafficking of Human Persons

We, the Religious Sisters of Charity, inspired by the love of Christ, take a corporate stance against the Trafficking of Human Persons because we believe in the dignity of each and every human being and in their right to justice.    At our General Chapters 2013 we committed ‘ourselves once more to be a voice for all who suffer injustice’.   

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