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Returning Home

1810 returning home podcastA documentary called 'Returning Home' was broadcast on the Irish Newstalk radio station recently. 'Returning Home' tells the story of the lives of six extraordinary women who have spent most of their lives working overseas and have now returned home. These women are in their 70s and they are all Missionary Sisters.

Their stories go from living in shacks in Chile, to working in orphanages in India and prisons in Sao Paulo. These Missionary Sisters left Ireland in the 1950s and 60s with their long habits and rosary beads. They lived through wars, genocides, and natural disasters. They established institutions, lobbied governments, and they set up medical centres and support structures. After decades overseas these women are now returning home, where they continue to work fiercely for the rights of others.
Click HERE to listen to a podcast of the documentary.