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A Very Special Visit

1810 relics thumbOn 29th August The Blackrock Hospice were privileged to receive the relics of Saints Louis, Zelie and Therese Martin from Lisieux. The Hospice is named after Louis and Zelie and the ward for the patients St Therese. All the staff, volunteers, patients that were well enough with their families, invited guests, neighbours and religious from the local parishes paid a visit to the relics.

During the service roses were blessed and distributed to those who attended. Refreshments were served during the visit in the restaurant creating a lovely warm atmosphere.

The Relics came to Ireland to honour The World Meeting of Families 2018 and as Saint Louis and Zelie are the first parents to be canonised the relics were present at the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis on Sunday 26th August. Pope Francis is a long time devotee of St Therese. The relics visited many parishes and Carmelite Monasteries in Ireland before returning to Lisieux in France.

1810 relics