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Moving to Paseo Del Mar

paseo del mar thumbHere Sr. Michelle Hetherington tells us about the recent house/community move from San Fernando to Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro in California:
Early on the morning of February 19th 2014, Sr. Una McMahon and I waited for the moving company truck to pull up outside our home in San Fernando.  The day had arrived when the two of us were moving to our new home in San Pedro. 

This house was purchased in response to the sisters in request for a house more conducive to the needs of our elderly sisters in the Region.  We had spent the previous few weeks packing up the contents of the house on Eighth Street.  There seemed to be an endless amount of boxes full of books, kitchen utensils, and various other kinds of equipment.  Over the weeks we had also tried to reduce the amount of our personal belongs, getting rid of unnecessary baggage and doing a real big clean out.  It is surprising how much stuff one can accumulate over the years.
They arrived in due course and packed the truck.  After a couple of hours they finished packing and set out for San Pedro.  We said our goodbyes to San Fernando.  It had been about 12 years since we had moved in and now we were beginning a new journey.
We arrived in San Pedro and were greeted by a welcoming party.  They had a beautiful meal ready for us.  We enjoyed it and were delighted to have the companionship of others.  The moving company truck arrived and unloaded our belongings.  It had been a long day.  Over the next two weeks with the help of many people, especially Srs. Marsha and Francis Maria, we unpacked the different boxes and organized the house.  
We decided that we would have a party to celebrate our arrival and to invite the sisters to come to see the house.  On Sunday March 2nd we had a get-together in the afternoon.  Twelve sisters came and enjoyed the house, food, but more especially camaraderie.  We hope the house will be one of peace and hospitality where sisters can come to rest and relax as well as to become re-energized in our tranquil and beautiful surroundings.

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