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We Remember...

We ask you to remember in your prayers our sisters who have died recently.

May they rest in peace.

madeleine-kellySister Madeleine Kelly

1937 - 2015

Born: 22nd January 1937

Entered Religious Life: 17th October 1955

Died: 9th November 2015


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marie-clareSister Marie Clare

1934 - 2015

Born: 12th November 1934

Entered Religious Life: 19th November 1953

Died: 15th November 2015


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teresa-patrick-nolanSister Teresa Patrick Nolan

1922 - 2015

Born: 10th August 1922

Entered Religious Life: 15th August 1939

Died: 27th November 2015


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andrea-nagglerSister Andrea Naggler

1950 - 2015

Born: 29th June 1950

Entered Religious Life: 14th October 1968

Died: 14th December 2015


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