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Care for the Earth in Southern California

Sr. Carmel Somers RSC reports on some of the practical aspects of ‘Care For The Earth’ in California.
"Zero Waste is reporting that we are now the most environmentally responsible area in the USA.   Again car emissions are down and more and more people are recycling. 

In addition the economic downturn has had a good side - more people are recycling glass and plastic etc. for $'s, rather than putting them in the regular trash.   This is turn is cutting down on the amount of trash been sent to landfills.  Everybody benefits!  Less and less plastic grocery bags are being used and in many instances women religious have been the silent prophets in this regard - religiously bringing cloth bags to pick up their groceries and modelling for others - some stores allow 5 cents per bag.
At long last we are putting old tire rubber into the tarmac for our streets.   This is using the rubber in a creative way, keeping it out of landfills, and giving some resilience to the street surfaces on which it is being used."