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A busy parish involves great diversity for one sister in California

Here is some news from California where one of our sisters is involved in such diverse ministries as the RCIA, feeding the homeless and a spirituality circle.

Sr. Brid O'Shea ministers to those who are interested in becoming full members of the Catholic Church through a process called Rite of Christian Initiation or RCIA.  This year Brid and her team are preparing 40 people to become full Catholics at the Easter Vigil.  Brid and her RCIA team, the catechumens and their sponsors meet weekly.  In the photo Brid shows a Liturgical Year Poster and Advent Reflection booklet that she will be giving out to her RCIA.  
Another ministry Brid engages in is weekly feeding of the homeless.  Each Saturday people come for a dinner at St. Columban's, Garden Grove.  In the photo one of Brid's "friends" is an 80 years old man who enjoys a warm, nutritious meal.   Young people help as volunteers for this homeless ministry as well as meet with Brid to deepen their spiritual lives.  In the photo you see three of those young women in a circle meeting with Brid as part of their search for a deeper spirituality.   One of our Chapter Mandates invited us to share our Ignatian spirituality with others as well as our charism to serve the poor.  Brid is living out both of these invitations in RCIA, ministry to the homeless and her spirituality circle.