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“An RSC with a Hard Hat” - getting prepared for Emergencies

Last month Culver City Fire Department in California offered CERT training (Community Emergency Response Team).  Sr. Margaret Farrell RSC signed up and was challenged to do simulated rescues that she never dreamt of doing!
As Sr. Margaret says herself, “Wow!... when I  signed up I had no idea what I was letting myself in for!!!  but it was a lot of information and also a lot of fun. 

They had us putting out real fires, searching an old abandoned building for injured victims and treating them as well as learning how to lift a 2,000 pound block of concrete (part of the Santa Monica Freeway).They also gave a lot of information on emergency supplies etc.  Everyone who completed the training were given ID badges and are now registered with the State of California Office of Emergency Services as certified emergency responders”.