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Visit us on Facebook and Twitter

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

The Be The Change Initiative takes its inspiration from the words above from Mahatma Gandhi and works, primarily through symposiums, to root us in the reality of the crises we find ourselves in today (the depletion of Earth’s resources and the destructive effects of climate change), but the true aim of the symposium is to awaken us to the potential we have together to turn things around and to become a creative presence on the planet. 

Two Sisters of Charity in the English/Scottish Province have become involved in facilitating ‘Be The Change’ Symposiums.

Each Symposium seeks to inspire us to:

"Bring forth
an Environmentally Sustainable,
Spiritually Fulfilling,
Socially Just
human presence on the planet"

‘Be The Change’ Symposiums are happening all over the world and in the English/ Scottish Province they will take place in several parts of the country this year and in the future.  Information for these can be found on the Be The Change Initiative website.  One symposium coming shortly will take place in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire on 12th June.

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