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Workshop focussing on the issues of child abuse and human trafficking held in Nigeria

The workshop was inspired by the burning issue of child abuse and human trafficking within the community of Okpara-Inland, Delta State, Nigeria. About one hundred and twenty women were in attendance.  The workshop took place in Mary Aikenhead Centre, Okpara-Inland.

It started at about 11.30am with the singing of chorus’ followed by a reflection from the Bible on the theme of Justice.
The three topics tackled were:

  1. Human trafficking.
  2. Child abuse.
  3. Woman’s inhumanity to woman.

A lot of issues where discussed and it turned out that some of the women in the group were abused themselves. One of the women, in particular was trafficked. She was rescued by the man she finally got married to. The women said that the workshop has made them more aware of human trafficking and its consequences. They made a commitment to watch out for traffickers and abusers within the community and to report such cases to the elders or to the police.