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The Big Silence – Online!!

big_silenceJust before Christmas the BBC showed a documentary about five people and the place that ‘silence’ had in their everyday lives. Five volunteers went on a journey into silence, led by Father Christopher Jamison. The documentary is now online and the first part can be seen below.

At the centre of the project is a total-immersion course in silence at an 8 day retreat in North Wales, run by Jesuit priests and spiritual guides. Absolutely no talking is allowed, except a one-hour counselling session a day, and recording a short diary on tape. The volunteers confront fear, boredom, denial, anxiety, and anger; they emerge with remarkable insights into themselves and their lives. They return back to their jobs, families and communities to confront the pressures of life in a new way. Over a 2 month period Father Christopher monitors their progress. At their own homes and his, they meet up for a spiritual health check. Some make big decisions.

"The Big Silence" can be viewed, in 12 parts HERE.