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Opening to the Gift of the NOW!

workshop-logo_thumbFrom February – June 2011 the Congregation is engaging in a series of workshops that will enable sisters to reflect on living our Ignatian Spirituality within the context of our 4th vow of ‘Service of the Poor’ and the world in which we live today.  Here Sr. Elizabeth Onyekigwe from Nigeria reflects on the workshops held in February, co-facilitated by Srs. Una O’Neill and Jacinta Boland.  The remaining workshops will be co-facilitated by Srs. Una O’Neill and Elizabeth Dodds.  In April they took place in England and Scotland and as we write the workshops are taking place in Zambia.
“The workshops in Nigeria took place at two venues- Satellite Town, Lagos from 7th-10th February and Okpara Inland, Delta State from 14th-17th February. Both workshops were facilitated by sisters Una O’Neill and Jacinta Boland. Sr Mary Judge represented the General Leadership Team. There was a special opening ritual on the first day. Each morning we had Mass for the group and Morning Prayer, prepared by one of the communities. Since the workshop is to be held in every Region and Province we don't want to speak about the content and process. Let us just say that the workshop was found to be a very positive and life-giving experience. Everything worked together for the success of the week. The rain stayed away and the light was constant in Okpara - something that was not enjoyed in the same way either before! We hope and pray that the rest of the congregation will ‘taste and see the gift of this Ignatian workshop as much as we have. Thank you to all who made it possible.”

Participants at the Okpara-Inland workshop