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Sisters of Charity Associates

mmaJeannie Young, a Religious Sisters of Charity Associate, tells us about two RSC Associate groups in California...  
“The Associates of the Sisters of Charity are a group of women who gather once a month to study and learn about Mary Aikenhead, our foundress. We use the story of her life as inspiration in our quest to reach out and help those in need.  The Associates get involved in their community helping others learn how to better themselves by encouraging them to be strong and know they are children of God and that God loves them.
UnaThere are two groups of Associates. One is located in the San Fernando Valley with Sr. Una Connolly as their spiritual advisor. The other meets at Los Padrinos under the guidance of Sr. Teresa Doherty. The San Fernando Valley group is active in their respective place of worship and with the Valley Family Center, which assists the victims of domestic violence to  become strong and self-reliant, and in the learning center, to help children become better students.
Teresa-DThe Los Padrinos group assists Sr. Teresa at Mass on Sunday for youth under the age of 18.  They also catechize and meet with the young people on a one-to-one basis.  
The two groups study the life and works of Mary Aikenhead as well as St. Ignatius - who was a major inspiration to Mother Mary Aikenhead. Her life and devotion to the underprivileged is our inspiration.”