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Youth Ministry and the Olympic Games

flame-congress-logoFlame Congress is inspired by the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK in September 2010 & by the forthcoming Olympic Games in the summer of this year.
September 2010 saw the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI with powerful, memorable scenes in the Piazza at Westminster Cathedral, at the Big Assembly, Twickenham, and in Hyde Park.


Thousands of young people joyfully celebrating faith and being affirmed in their voice and role in a vibrant Church. 
2012 is the year when the Olympics come to Britain. Pope John Paul II – himself a keen sportsman – wrote magnificently about the relationship between sport and faith. In his name, the Pope John Paul II Foundation for Sport will seek to continue to develop sport within the Church in the months and years following 2012.
These inspirations set the scene for an event on 24th March 2012 where thousands of young Catholics are invited to participate in an event which will offer them the very best of Catholic Youth Ministry in England and Wales: speakers – local and international – who will set their hearts on fire with messages of hope, faith, challenge, justice, and leadership in adversity; music which will be used back in schools and parishes to bring fresh animation and participation in liturgy; a dynamic atmosphere of joy and participation which happens when young people come together in such numbers and are well led, and completely engaged. FLAME Congress will explore how faith and sport are related, notably through the Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence. The day will bring together prominent Catholic speakers with Olympians and Paralympians in a setting which will be lively and dramatic as well as moments that are reflective and challenging. Faith adds a profound dimension to these values; through sport they can be lived out in powerful and public ways.
The day is organised by the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation (CYMFed) in partnership with CAFOD, Catholic 2012 and the John Paul II Foundation for Sport, and is open to anyone from Year 10 to young adult. FLAME Congress will offer valuable curriculum links: faith, leadership and sport will all be high-lighted throughout the input.
Pope Benedict XVI in November 2010 reflected that, "Sport, practiced with passion and ethical sense, in addition to exercising a healthy competitive spirit, becomes a school to learn and deepen human and Christian values."
Speakers will give short bursts of input, giving those present much to be inspired by and to reflect on. Those confirmed so far include Barry and Margaret Mizen & family, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Sr Catherine Holum CFR, Fr Christopher Jamison OSB, Young People from Kenya, Paschal Uche, Mgr. John Armitage and David Wells. Music will be provided by Edwin Fawcett and Indecisive. The day will end with a time of Adoration led by Archbishop Vincent Nichols.