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The Vatican and Women Religious in the United States

lcwr_prayer_thumbThe following article is a brief reflection by Sr. Francis Maria Monsimer on the recent Doctrinal Assesment from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  Document and  the call to reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).
Even though there has been hurt at the recent Vatican report, at least there is wonderful support from the laity being expressed from many places all over the world.
May there continue to  be  powerful prayer support  for the nuns throughout the US and the world in these trying times under the watchful eyes of the Vatican and as its appointed delegates attempt over the next five years of  "Bringing the LCWR, etc into line with the Teaching Magisterium". Perhaps, with this prayerful base spiriting us and a truly OPEN DIALOG encountered, Rome will be blessed by the Spirit to see the truth of the Gospel that propels women religious to live their lives in solidarity with the poor and to champion causes of social justice wherever they deem it is in the interest of people who are victimized by unjust systems within governments, cultures, and, yes, even within the Church itself.

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