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A Project in the Spirit of Mary Aikenhead

chikunithumbChikuni Girls Secondary School is a Mission School based in Monze District, Zambia. The School has a population of 250 pupils eighty five percent of the pupils consist of orphans and vulnerable children. The School produces good results and it always aims to do better.

As a School, we were humbled to be given a task to come up with a Project based on helping the poor. We welcomed the whole idea with great joy because we saw the great need in it. However, we did not know exactly what to do, so we consulted the teachers, on how to go about it. The teachers lead by example. They identified a few pupils who were in need and picked on one who's need was urgent. The girl used to come to School with no shoes and they came to her help by providing her with School shoes, plastic shoes and School socks.

From there, we picked it up as pupils, we asked each and every one who had a dress or anything that she could bring to the School so that they could be given to vulnerable children. This was just a one day event, for the on-going project.

We have also thought of an income generating project which will run for helping poor and the vulnerable children in small ways such as getting books, pens and school shoes. We are collecting pieces of material from the tailors around the area and are making small door mats which we will sell to our teachers and the people in our community. The money that we will raise from the door mat making will help us to have a small piece of land in our garden where we shall plant vegetables for sale.

Supporting each other materially, socially and academically is our pride.  It is for this reason that we shall continue with our project to stand for each other, and help vulnerable children to achieve their goals.