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First Profession Celebrations in Nigeria

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The First Profession ceremony of Srs. Justina Osumune, Edidiong William Etim and Philomena Nnaji was held in St. Anne’s Convent, Satellite Town Lagos on 21st September, 2013.
Six priests in were in attendance. Fr. Matthew Isidor S.J, Fr. Jerome Akinyemi, Fr. Irabor, Fr. Ekimini William Etim, Fr. Divine Ekebe and Fr. Moses Sade.

The liturgy was a beautiful and the chapel was well decorated with flowers – thanks to Sister Margaret Gallagher and other sisters who worked tirelessly to make the chapel glittering. Packed full with family and friends of the sisters, all colourfully dressed and in high spirits, the chapel could scarcely contain all who came.
Fr. Matthew Isidor the chief celebrant in his homily spoke at length about the vows. He admonished the sisters to be faithful to the commitment they are about to make. Obedience he said means giving up our own will.  Poverty makes us withdraw from the material things which many crave - and chastity means that we do not have our own “Mr” nor are we anyone’s “Mrs”.
He further told a story about a man who gave out his precious coin only to receive it back after many years from an unknown beggar whom he had conversation with. He said whatever we give out generously ultimately comes back to us. He thanked the sisters and their families for giving their daughters to serve God and prayed God to bless them.  The singing was melodious and the words of the hymns touching. The Sisters professed their vows in a solemn and reflective manner.
The reception ceremony which began after the Mass was a lively one. The rain made the earlier part of the day wet but it finally gave way to bright and sunny weather. The guests were well catered for. Everybody ate and drank to their satisfaction. The cake which was beautifully made in blue and white colours was magnificently placed on a stand with a yellow lacy covering. The sisters rejoiced and danced to their hearts content. Gifts were presented by all the communities, friends and family. It was a memorable day and will forever remain special in the hearts of all who attended. Sr Rosaleen Desmond, the Regional Leader, gave the vote of thanks and all went home happy.

From the left - Srs Justina Osumune, Philomena Nnaji and Edidiong Etim William

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