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California - searching out the new 'Lazarus'

new lazarus thumbIn line with our 2013 General Chapter commitment, the Californian Region continues to search out new Lazarus’ in their ministries and outreach.  On a recent trip with food and clothing to Mexico, Sr Margaret Farrell encountered a camp with 100,000 people who exist without electricity, running water, basic medical care or simple basic needs. 

One young woman in her 30’s suffers the effects of a stroke yet still needs to provide and care for her children.  She met Sr Margaret, as she stood on her mud floor, barefoot, disabled and hungry.  Sr Margaret has gathered up food, clothing, school supplies and baby formula, which she takes down to Tijuana.

On her visit, Margaret discovered a classroom built for young people who have been deported from the US, even though they were citizens because their parents lack documents they too were deported.  These young people had never lived in Mexico and do not know how to speak the language, Spanish.  Right now our sisters are fighting for Immigration Reform through advocacy, emails and prayer.   We are also in contact with our Mission Doctors Association to see if we can get some of them to volunteer a day or weekend to serve the people in this desperately poor area. 

new lazarus