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Farewell for Resident Children - Port Harcourt

compassion centre graduates thumbIt was a day very remarkable, a group unforgettable. It was about our nine talented resident children in Compassion Centre, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who graduated from Santa Maria Nursery/Primary School on the 24th of July, 2014. Talent is God's gift. It is freely given to human beings out of God’s richness. These children were known for their numerous gifts and generosity during their stay in Compassion Centre for six to nine years. They come from various States in Nigeria.

During their stay here, they learnt a lot of empowering skills, such as Computer Appreciation, Catering and housekeeping, Art work like drawing and painting, bead making, tie and die designs, dress making and good use of leisure time - playing football etc.

Moreover, within the last two years, some of them were baptized and received their first Holy Communion in Compassion Centre. It is pertinent to mention that even with their Physical deformities and challenges they have been recorded as the highest number and most intelligent children who had completed their time in Compassion Centre over the last four years.

The 24th of July 2014 was full of activities as we sent forth our nine children, seven girls and two boys, to their various families. The party began at about 4pm. All our thirty eight resident children and four patients, our staff and Sisters Miriam Hennesey, Ngozi Monye and Chioma Ezeh were present. The nine outgoing children were invited to the high Chairs/Table, they were accompanied by Sister Miriam who honoured our invitation for the send forth party and gave us tremendous support. The resident children presented a series of special songs and dramas etc. Some of the younger children and staff gave them words of encouragement and of exhortation. It was really a moment of joy for all of us.  The staff and Sisters were happy for these outgoing pupils, praying that God will continue to sustain them in the years ahead.

It is not always easy to let go, especially letting go of a friend or someone who has touched your life. These nine children have touched a lot of lives over the years. They are known for so many virtues, among them being prayerful. So many people for whom they have prayed in Compassion Centre had come back to thank God with gifts to the Centre. They showed themselves to be honest children. They are intelligent and some of them have scholarships from groups of companies to further their education to University level.

They deserve the best, so when sending them forth, Compassion Centre bought each of them gifts of luggage with wheels and some other personal things they might need when at home and in secondary school.
We are happy for them and we pray that God’s infinite goodness and favours will be with them as they go.
Sr Chioma Ezeh

compassion centre graduates 2014