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Nurturing the Union of Minds and Hearts

cell-phone-use1 copyAs we celebrate Mary Aikenhead with our Congregational Feasts these months, we remember how she treasured and encouraged us to value the union of minds and hearts.  We remember how many letters written in her own hand, even from her sick bed, which she sent to develop strong communication with her sisters.

If Mary Aikenhead were living now, wouldn’t she nurture union of minds and hearts through e mails, Skype and our wonderful RSC website?  Mary Aikenhead would be delighted with the RSC E-newsletter, which keeps us connected across the globe through a world wide web!  

St. Ignatius of Loyola’s spirituality challenges us to find God in all things! His Society of Jesus sure has an active role in promoting their Mission through technology.  We, too, use technology to promote our mission and charism.

ultimate technology 1110 copyHow have technology and television changed our community living?  Has it ever intruded or interrupted our quality presence to each other?
Pope Francis tweets daily!  However, he posed a challenge to young adults about their use of time and it might be good for us also to reflect on how much time we might spend watching TV, or mindlessly surfing the internet.  He said,  "Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions."  Activities cited by Francis as futile were: "chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and (using) the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important."

Click HERE for an article on Global Sisters Report on technology and how it is affecting our prayer lives as well as our lives in community.   Sign up for these weekly email reports on what Women Religious are doing throughout the world.  You can sign up once and then you’ll receive them weekly.  They will open our eyes to how sisters are creating a new table and engaging the Lazarus’ of the world.  These reports might also fuel new creative ideas for ourselves.