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The Gift In You - Is You

compassion centre giftisyou thumbIt has been observed that persons with disabilities are being discriminated against and denied their rights when it comes to issues of employment, election, marriage, empowerment etc., because society seems to look at physical appearance before considering self-worth and what the individual can offer.

The pictures below show some of our physically challenged children in Compassion Centre, Port Harcourt, enjoying bead making, tie and dye design and other crafts. They are so interested whenever they are called for classes. As well as teaching them crafts, we encourage them to build up their self-esteem.  They will need this in the days ahead. These children have become aware that they need to have a positive attitude.  Discovering their hidden talents and potential and actualizing their dreams, make them masters of their destiny.

These children are born achievers. They have been prepared for the challenges of life through the numerous skills that have been taught in our Centre. We are very pleased with them.

Mother Mary Aikenhead tells us: Let us try to render our services with full faith and true humility and the Omnipotent will affect his own work.
Sr Ngozi Monye.

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