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Christmas for the Poor and for the Rich

bomadi-xmas-2015-thumbChristmas has always remained an exciting celebration for all but most especially for children. This is because Christmas brings Newness, a Newness that permeates all aspects of children’s lives starting with the purchase of new clothes, shoes, hat or band, multiple coloured wrist watches and eye glasses, toys and many others. They also visit family friends and relatives who in turn give them gifts of cash or items. The children also delight in the special dishes that mark Christmas. There can be no complete Christmas without rice and Chicken and of course juice.

Our Lady’s Nursery/Primary School, Bomadi did her best to make Christmas memorable and exciting for all our pupils. Sr. Beatrice Opia and her team did a good job decorating the whole school with assorted colourful Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree was fantastic and even teachers said the sisters have brought to their reach what they see only on television. They had never seen the kinds of Christmas lights we brought. This just brings to mind the sayings of MMA of giving to the rich what the poor would buy for money. None of my staff and pupils can afford to decorate their homes at Christmas, so they enjoyed all that in school.
The whole celebration began on the 5th with our school end of year thanks giving mass. Rev. Fr. Mark, Cssp officiated at the mass. He was very good and at home with the children. He told them stories and asked them questions which they answered confidently and correctly. Fr. Mark commended the teachers and the maintenance staff as well as the management for the great job they are doing in this part of the world.
On the 8th of December we had our Nine Lessons and Carols. It was indeed a fabulous day. There was a carol competition among the classes. The children sang heartily and competitively and their efforts paid off. The carol was just angelically beautiful. The winning classes were awarded gifts of a T-shirt each along with their teachers.
The 10th of December 2014 was the grand finale of our Christmas celebrations. The female staff started cooking and packing at 4am with a great sense of excitement and joy. The male staff busied themselves with the arrangement of seats, tables and sound system. The musical instruments were set and the MC ushered us all into the hall for the celebration at 10am.
There were lots of dance and play. Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse entertained the children. The children had dancing competitions in various forms and the winners were rewarded with different gifts.
There was Debate Competition on the topic: “The working of both parents has done more harm than good to the children”. The children were just too good but just like every competition, a winner had to emerge it was the girls who beat the boys to it while opposing the motion. There can be no Christmas party without Fr. Christmas.  If not who will deliver the gifts? As the excitement was going on with the awarding of prizes to the participants of the debate, there came Fr. Christmas and immediately the children cheered in excitement and the music became hot and every one - pupils, staff, parents, friends and Sisters - danced heartily with Fr. Christmas, Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
Fr. Christmas then took his seat in a proper place while the pupils paid him a visit. A visit which was rewarded with a plate of rice and chicken with juice and toys. Photographers were everywhere taking pictures with children and even adults posing with Fr. Christmas/Christmas tree and their parents and friends.
Conclusively it was such a huge success and this would not have been as colourful and exciting if not for the financial assistance obtained from the Congregation for the feeding of poor children. May God bless and reward our donors who put smiles on the faces of the poor and make it possible for the poor to enjoy what the rich enjoy with little or no price at all.
God bless our donors! God bless RSC!! God bless the Staff!!! God bless Sr. Laeticia and Sr. Beatrice!!!