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A Visit From The President

Gardiner-st-thumbThe children from Gardiner Street Primary School will never forget the day the President came to visit on 8th June 2015.  President Michael D. Higgins opened the newly refurbished classrooms.  The school looked fantastic while the Presidential Salute was played by a group of children as the President entered the school gate. 

Gardiner-st-1The President greeted pupils, teachers and parents gathered in the playground.   School Chaplain, Fr Donal Neary S J, blessed the refurbished rooms before the President cut the ribbon.  The President was led into the school hall by Sr Mary Christian, Congregational Leader, Sr Phyllis Behan, Provincial Leader, Principal Eileen O’Doherty and Sr Marie Carroll, Chairperson of the Board of Management, where he was entertained by the choir, the orchestra and a group of Irish dancers.  The history of the school was displayed in the hall and the President drew attention to it during his speech.  Following the President’s departure, the invited guests had an opportunity to read the school’s 185 years history, to visit the newly refurbished classrooms and to enjoy refreshments.  
The following poem was written by a 6th class pupil and presented to the President.  The title is:  "I Would Like To Be….

Gardiner-st-2I’d like to be the President
That’s what I’d like to be
If someone declared me President
I’d jump up and down in glee.
I’d  be able to meet ambassadors
Queens, Kings and more
Visiting the countries of the world.
It would never be a bore



Gardiner-st-3Presidents have to work all day
They barely get a rest
But having everything done for you
Would simply be the best.

Maybe I’m just better off
Being my one true self
And maybe let the President
Be someone else.