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Festac Community, Nigeria celebrates Mary Aikenhead

02-festac-closing-200th-thumbThe Closing Ceremony of Bi-Centenary year and the Birth Anniversary of Mary Aikenhead was celebrated at community level with 14 Friends of Mary Aikenhead. The program of the day commenced at 6:00pm with a special evening prayer prepared by the community, then preceded with a Eucharistic Celebration.

Both were held in the community Chapel. Our mass celebrant for the evening was Rev. Fr. Simeon Irabor, Parish Priest of Holy Family Catholic Church.
At the end of our Eucharistic celebration all the guests and friends were led to the community room where we had a get together dinner. Because the Friends are from different parishes within Festac Town Deanery we began with introuctions, followed by a Welcome Address and an act of appreciation which was done by Sr. Monica. The Friends themselves were grateful to be part of the day.
In respect of the Bi-centenary celebration, the Friends of Mary Aikenhead in Holy Family Catholic Church had an open Thanksgiving on the 24th of January 2016. The sisters were invited, and in long procession, were supported by a huge crowd of parishioners.