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Imaginary Conversation between Lazarus & Dives

dives-lazarusRegular readers of our eNews will know that the Gospel story of Dives and Lazarus Luke (16:19-31) is the foundational Scripture passage for the RSC Congregation.  Here, Sr Bríd Greville reflects on an imaginary conversation between the two men:


Lazarus:  Excuse me, Sir.
Dives:  What is it.  I’m in a hurry!

L.  Do you see me?
D.  Of course I see you!    I’m not blind.

L.  Do you really see me?  Do you see with your heart?
D.  See with my heart?  That’s ridiculous.

L.  Do you see my condition? I’m in misery here.  No home, no money, no comfort, no one cares.
D.  What is it to me? I’m not to blame for your condition.

L.  Maybe not Sir, but you could make it better.
D.  How?  Anyway, you are annoying me.  If you keep disturbing me, I’ll send you out of here.

L.  Ok Sir, Sorry Sir.  Have a nice day, Sir.
D.  Huh.  You have already ruined my day.

Next Day (or Week)

L.  Mr. Dives, Sir.  Good day, Please Sir, I need your help!
D. You again.  Go away from here!! Get out of my sight now, now!

L. Where will I go?
D.  I don’t care.  Just get out of my sight.

L.  Mr. Dives, Sir.  Would you like to be in my place, even for one day?
D.  God forbid.  Certainly not, not even for one hour.

L.  But perhaps your day will come.
D.  Never!  I don’t deserve that.

L.  Neither do I. Maybe, one day, the tables will be turned.
D.  Never! I could not bear it.

L.  You might have no choice.
D.  What choice do I have now?
L.  You have plenty of choices, to make every day. To begin with, open your eyes.  The eyes of your heart!

D.  Don’t be stupid!
L.  Do you really see me, feel for me, and imagine what it is like for me?
D. Huh.

L.  What do you see, a beggar, a broken wretched person, or a brother?
D.  Don’t insult me!  I am not your brother.

L.  Yes, you are.  God is your father and also mine.  (Gn. 4.9 to Mt. 25.40)
D.  Well, suppose I do something:  What do you want me to do?

L.  To begin with, you could call away your dogs.  They are disturbing me.
D.  They are my security, my protection!
L.  Not really, they can’t save you.  How about opening up – your eyes, your heart, your resources, the door of your house, a place at your table?

D.  Are you serious?  
L.  Yes.   Very serious.  It is a matter of life and death.

There are so many like Lazarus
Who disturb our comfort and our consciences every day.
The challenge is great.