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Let’s Celebrate

1703-maryb-90th-thumbMeanwhile in California….our Sr. Mary Beausang, who turned 90 in January, celebrated her Birthday in style.  She has been living at Seacrest Nursing Home since May 2016, where she is a loved and appreciated resident.  She is the only religious sister there and she considers it part of her ministry to talk to and pray for the other residents.  Her friendly kind presence and sense of humor has brightened up the lives of many of the women and men in residence.  

She was so surprised when some of the sisters arrived with cake and ice cream to celebrate with her and the other residences and staff.  She had no hint that 1703-maryb-90th-02aon the day of her 90th Birthday, she would be the center of attention.  She was thrilled to have such a good time with plenty of fun and chat. Happy Birthday was sung with gusto and instead of the regular afternoon snack all enjoyed the birthday cake and ice cream.

Three weeks later on February 11th, the San Pedro communities organized a special afternoon for the sisters to mark this milestone with Mary.  This second celebration took place in 14th Street. 18 sisters arrived to celebrate with her, where everybody had a good time.  Afternoon tea was served with delicious goodies and another birthday cake. We laugh with Mary at the many funny stories told.  Mary’s thank you speech was humorous and heartwarming.  It was a really great afternoon.  Mary was overjoyed to be with the sisters.